entrepreneurial coaching & conscious leadership

As an entrepreneur or a leader, our own injuries, beliefs or blockages prevent us from developing our business. Find out how I can help you overcome them.

holistic life coaching

As a being embodied on Earth, we all have an unfulfilled need to find our way of life, to reveal our true nature and thus to be in harmony in his life. Find out how I can help you access your true nature.

Energy massage therapy & reiki

Today's world pushes us to live in our head and all mentalized. We completely forget the rest of our body and listen to it. Through massage therapy and Reiki, I help you reconnect with yourself and thus experience your body.

My name is Florian Noutsos, I am a coach, Reiki master and Massage Therapist. I believe in a holistic approach that addresses all spheres of our lives: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual in order to find harmony and alignment in our lives.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

My approach allows me to help my clients to find their true nature, to bring them harmony and alignment in all spheres of their life.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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I use somatic coaching techniques to explore the sensations in your body in order to capture the messages that your body wants to send to you.


Together we create a place for your emotions so that they can express themselves freely. I accompany you to welcome them without judgment in order to listen to the messages that our emotions wish to convey to us, to listen to them while remaining equanimous.


I rely on guided mindfulness meditation techniques to explore together certain key moments in your life, certain representations like your inner child in order to unlock certain emotional or even physical nodes.


Thanks to my teaching as a Reiki Master Practitioner, during a dedicated session, we will be able to work to re-harmonize all of your chakras and thus unlock energy nodes.


My services are for you if:

  • you are open or recognize yourself in a holistic approach , that is to say, living through different spheres: Physical, Emotional, Psychic and Spiritual,

  • you try to disconnect yourself from the mind,

  • you are in search of meaning and reconnection with you ,

  • you feel out of harmony and out of balance in one or more of the spheres of your life,

  • you have difficulty feeling your body and your emotions ,

  • you find it hard to express how you feel,

  • your beliefs, your emotions, your fears paralyze you and prevent you from living your dreams.

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