Become more of who you truly are!


Who am I?

My name is Florian Noutsos, I am passionate about personal development and what drives me on a daily basis is being able to have an impact in the development of the people around me as well as my clients.

For over a year now, I have been helping my clients to reveal their true nature, their full potential, to love and accept themselves and to discover or rediscover themselves in order to find what makes them alive.

My unique approach combining Co-Active and Reiki coaching techniques allow me to help my clients to find their true nature, to bring them harmony and alignment in all spheres of their life: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual .

Nothing is impossible, your only limit is yourself!

Florian Noutsos




I use somatic coaching techniques to explore the sensations in your body in order to capture the messages that your body wants to send to you.


Together we create a place for your emotions so that they can express themselves freely. I accompany you to welcome them without judgment in order to listen to the messages that our emotions wish to convey to us, to listen to them while remaining equanimous.


I rely on guided mindfulness meditation techniques to explore together certain key moments in your life, certain representations like your inner child in order to unlock certain emotional or even physical nodes.


Thanks to my teaching as a Reiki Master Practitioner, during a dedicated session, we will be able to work to re-harmonize all of your chakras and thus unlock energy nodes.


Pour réaliser ses objectifs / ses rêves, il est important de comprendre le fonctionnement de notre cerveau afin d'en faire un allié. Pour cela je te propose d'écouter l'épisode 39 de mon podcast Singulier où je t'explique les 9 règles de l'esprit 👇👇

En tant que coach, c'est ma mission de t'accompagner afin de rétablir le rôle de ton cerveau: orchestrer la réussite de tes projets et de tes rêves.

Comment? En reprogrammant ton cerveau en mettant à jour les blocages ainsi que les croyances issues du passé qui te limitent dans le développement de ton plein potentiel.

Je t'invite à reprendre le contrôle de ta vie ! Ce n'est pas à ton cerveau de te dire quoi faire mais bien à toi, de prendre ta responsabilité, et ainsi dire à ton cerveau ce que tu veux.